The Story

Ben van Berkel Architect

The Story

This is everything  Architect Ben van Berkel did it again in Rotterdam. After the iconic Erasmus Bridge, he creates The One: a building that allows for merging of functions and (international) users. The One is a first in Rotterdam and stands out for its combination of a variety of living forms, shared services, and a hotel in the same building.

Sharing is the new luxury The One is a unity of all the ingredients required for an urban experience. Besides a wide range of apartments for sale and rent, it also has the co-living, short stay, and co-working concept as an important addition. This way, the building responds to the need for affordable rental housing for the city’s young potentials. Thanks to the mix of residents, The One creates a special dynamic in the vibrant city center. It fulfills wishes for each stage of life. Enjoying your retirement in a luxury apartment with all services available, wanting to live in the middle of the city or choosing a co-living home as the starting point of your career.

A real appearance Standing over 100 meters tall and with its architecture of international class, The One connects the Wijnhaven area and Blaak. The green, lush balconies, terraces, and roofs give the architecture a natural appearance, with the royal green rooftop terrace as an eye-catcher. The Blaak first had a dark spot, but soon, there will be a finely polished diamond.

Urban Living Experience The One is a place of meeting and coming home. The entrance is designed as a welcoming living room. It is a light, open entrance with an urban living room, lounge, coffee bar, hotel boutiques, and space for events.

Hotel guests, residents, neighbours, business people, and tourists: the city literally moves through it. For the people looking for a workplace for a day, for the resident who wants to make use of the hotel service or for someone who has a spontaneous appointment in the central lobby. From wearing pyjamas on the couch with the menu of the hotel in your hand to suiting up for a meeting: The One represents a new way of living in the city.

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